EntomoLabels 7.7.01 released

New version EntomoLabels 7.7.01 has been released. This version includes data import from CSV files!

New functionalities include:

  • Import data from CSV files  (short import manual)

    In the ZIP file with the program there are two sample CSV files to import; one using a comma, the other uses a semicolon.  Also included is a sample CSV import label template.

  • Improved Printing Features:

    1. The page margins are visible in the print preview, and you can set larger margins (range is 5-30mm)
    2. You can save page and label print settings to individual configuration files:

  • Improved Object Handling:

    New icons have been added to the Object panel to position objects and duplicate them:

  • Customize the EntomoLabels Workspace:

    You can reposition toolbar panels and save the new layout.  This allows you to configure EntomoLabels to suit your preferred workflow:

    Happy labeling !!!

Complex templates

Using EntomoLabels, you can make quite complex templates. For example, for the herbarium – the pattern is copyrighted, I only used it to check the program’s capabilities.

Download the template (without NHM logo) and see how it was made. (Right click on the link and save the template in the folder .. Templates)

Download the template with DataMatrix code and automatic numbering and check how it works. (Right click on the link and save the template in the folder .. Templates)

EntomoLabels 7.6.01 released

New version EntomoLabels 7.6.01 has been released! Unfortunately, the import from CSV files is still in progress. Happy labeling!


  • Rulers (horizontal and vertical) are always visible
  • It is possible to set the quantity to zero. Labels with zero quantity are not printed.
  • New print page formats added: Letter, Half Letter, Legal and Japanese: B4 (JIS), B5 (JIS), B6 (JIS), Hagaki
  • Improved zoom
  • Changed icon “Parameters” and added the ability to save parameters as default.
  • I added a new logo and the EntomoLabels slogan

New video – how to insert a pinpoint to a template

Objects and design templates

New video – objects and design templates – on youtube.