EntomoLabels 7.5.01 relased

EntomoLabels 7.5.01 relased

New version EntomoLabels 7.5.01 has been released !

The XML structure has been slightly changed to support border and fill colors. For this reason, templates from the previous version that had colored frames / lines should be reviewed. If you did not use colored frames / lines, you do not need to do anything.

In order to update, it is only necessary to unpack the EntomoLabels.exe program into the folder.

This is the last version before the season. Another ones can be expected in autumn. I will try to show the program’s possibilities in short films that I will record. I think it will be more readable than reading the user manual.

Added / changed functionality:
– colorpicker for easy color selection

— tooltips for help

– text color

outline color and fill rectangles (color or transparent)
colorpicker for easy color selection, text color
new barcode: Code39, Code128
change object order
improved support for notebooks