New EntomoLabels version 8.3.01

  Installer:  EntomoLabels v8.3.01
The manual has not been modified yet.

  Important: New version short info


Many users have a problem with manually entering the appropriate commands and solving the problem of printing blank pages.
The new version of the installer adds an appropriate entry to the registry that removes the XPS file lock and solves the problem.

The installer must be run with administrator privileges.

  Installer (with an entry in the registry):  EntomoLabels v8.2.01

If you have installed (or installed automatically) patch KB5020880 in your Windows system, you probably have a problem with printing labels.

The solution that fixes the problem – below:

1. Run CMD as administrator
2. Type the command below exactly and press Enter
reg add „HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\.NETFramework\Windows Presentation Foundation\XPSAllowedTypes” /v „DisableDec2022Patch” /t REG_SZ /d „*” /reg:64
3. Close the CMD window
4. Everything should work.


The latest updated EntomoLabels Manual.

  EntomoLabels 8.2.01
                 Manual rev.3

New EntomoLabels version 8.2.01

  Installer:  EntomoLabels v8.2.01
The manual has not been modified yet. A short description of the news in the News tab.

New EntomoLabels version 8.1.01

Two ways to install
1. As before from the ZIP file, unpacking it in a selected location on the disk
– location of data folders under the main folder
– copy files Sex_F.bmp and Sex_M.bmp to the .. \ Graphics subfolder

    EntomoLabels v8.1.01

2. Installer – installation just like any other Windows program
– folder location .. \ My Documents \ EntomoLabels \

  EntomoLabels v8.1.01

The manual has not been modified yet

What’s new in version 8.1.01
– additional option „Text directions” has been added – rotation by 180 degrees

– in the print preview, a visible zone „No-print margins zone” has been added

– the possibility to change margins from 0mm has been added in the printout
– the import implemented the possibility of adding the prefix – $, postfix – ^ and the newline character / n (example template „Sample_Slide23x23_2_import”)

I will prepare additional information about changes in import in the near future.


EntomoLabels v.8.0.01 (build 201020)

EntomoLabels v8.0.01
Extract the files on your hard disk in any folder and run EntomoLabels.exe

EntomoLabels v8.0 
Manual rev. 2

EntomoLabels v7.7.02

  EntomoLabels v7.7.02   (released 2020-03-15)
  Extract the files on your hard disk in any folder and run EntomoLabels.exe


Test import template / CSV file

right click on the icon and save the template  
in ..Templates folder

right click on the icon and save the file
in EntomoLabels main folder