EntomoLabels 7.7.01 released

EntomoLabels 7.7.01 released

New version EntomoLabels 7.7.01 has been released. This version includes data import from CSV files!

New functionalities include:

  • Import data from CSV files  (short import manual)

    In the ZIP file with the program there are two sample CSV files to import; one using a comma, the other uses a semicolon.  Also included is a sample CSV import label template.

  • Improved Printing Features:

    1. The page margins are visible in the print preview, and you can set larger margins (range is 5-30mm)
    2. You can save page and label print settings to individual configuration files:

  • Improved Object Handling:

    New icons have been added to the Object panel to position objects and duplicate them:

  • Customize the EntomoLabels Workspace:

    You can reposition toolbar panels and save the new layout.  This allows you to configure EntomoLabels to suit your preferred workflow:

    Happy labeling !!!